Just ten years ago he took an unexpected turn in his artistic career: his interest in sketching from life replaced his workshop practice. The appearance of the Urban Sketchers was not unrelated to this decision, but on the contrary. Since then, there has been a succession of exhibitions, meetings, workshops, talks, newspaper articles, etc… in which he highlights the importance of looking and its translation into the beauty of brief forms in art.

Price: €72 each workshop. 15% discount for 2 workshops (code: BCN10-2WORKSHOPS)

Languages: Catalan and Spanish (Workshops will have translators)

From the wash to the shape

Morning workshop: W7 (M)
9:30h. Meeting point to collect material: MACBA
de 10h a 13h. Workshop: Jardins de Rubió i Lluch
20h Photo finish of all workshops: MACBA


The capacity to suggest and express sensations; the pause and silences in watercolour; accent and character – punctuation marks-; the presence and absence of form: negative space. The shape of the wash.