Inma Serrano combines teaching drawing with various projects as an illustrator. She collaborates regularly in the press as well as illustrating novels, short stories, poetry and anything else she can get her hands on.
Her interest in drawing focuses on capturing the everyday life of people in the city. Her graphic diaries and city notebooks have travelled around Europe as part of exhibitions in Italy, France, Portugal and England.
In the field of illustration, she has worked for different publishers such as Gustavo Gili, Yacaré, Tinta Blanca, Planeta and Renacimiento. In her work as an educator, she has given urban sketching workshops all over the world.

Price: €72 each workshop. 15% discount for 2 workshops (code: BCN10-2WORKSHOPS)

Languages: Spanish and English

The city burns

Morning workshop: W5 (M)
9:30h. Meeting point to collect material: Plaça Reial
de 10h a 13h. Plaça Reial

Afternoon workshop: W5 (T)
15:30h. Meeting point to collect material: MACBA
de 16h a 19h. Workshop: Plaça Reial
20h Photo finish of all workshops: MACBA


Day-to-day life in cities is linked to the non-stop, to going from here to there; it is a constant dialogue between architecture and the human landscape that inhabits it. A prior study of the sensations and rhythms that define the scene can influence the final result of the drawing.
In this workshop we will study the representation of what surrounds us, daring to experiment with other ways of representing space -beyond the rules of traditional perspective- with the intention of distorting, suggesting, moving and adapting our drawings to a more personal and subjective perception of what surrounds us.
The direct drawing, like jazz, is based on a fixed rhythmic section that we gradually change by introducing new notes, allowing ourselves to be carried away by improvisation and imagination and making us discover new ways of expression.
This challenge is, moreover, the most powerful tool of drawing “in situ”: everything can change in a matter of seconds and we are there to draw it.
Through various proposed exercises, we will try to find how to define with our drawings, aspects such as the sensation of space, constant movement and the passing of time or life.


  • A5 notebook (watercolour paper, not too thick).
  • Watercolour
  • Water reservoir brush
  • Brush with black ink or some other colour.
  • Drawing tools: calibrated felt-tip pen, ball-point pen, pencil or pen
  • Coloured pencils
  • Any other drawing tools with which you want to experiment.