Book and art stores with discounts


Selections of books related to Urban Sketching and illustration.

Also books self edited by some of the #BCN10years instructors


  • L’Aquarelle Sennelier, tubo o pastilla,  2+1 
  • Winsor&Newton watercolours (20€ or more), tub or half pan, an empty metálic box
  • Buying 30€ in FILA products  (Arches, Saunders Waterford, Canson, Daler Rowney, Lyra) one acrilic marker MarkAll M point free
  • Urban sketching products selection (markers, inks, papers, watercolours) 10% discount.  


Amongst the participants that buy something and leave their details there will be a raffle on saturday June 10th, 6:30pm: 

  • 1 Sennelier batch  (AquaMini watercolour, 1 concertina100% algodón  A5 + un Raphaël travelling brush set)
  • 2 Royal Talens batches: 1 Artcreation A5 notebook and one set of 6 Pigma Micron
  • 1 Royal Talens batch (1 Artcreation notebook A5 and one Pigma Micron set)
  • 2 Royal Talens  batches (urban sketching special)
  • MACBA LAIE STORE:  Selection of sketching books. 5% discount
  • BARNA ART: Discount voucher
  • CASA PIERA: discount voucher
  • RAIMA:  discount voucher
  • ARTHILDGARDdiscount voucher

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