Sketchwalk 4: Cathedral, June 10th (afternoon)


The starting point of the Sketchwalk 4 will be in Plaça de la Catedral at 4:00 p.m. and the end point at 8:00 p.m. next to the MACBA entrance.

This Sketchwalk 4 is located mainly around the Cathedral of Barcelona in the middle of the Gothic Quarter in Ciutat Vella. These days L’ou com balla Corpus 2023 is being celebrated in Barcelona and there will be “ou com balla” and floral carpets located in La Catedral,  in Casa de L’Ardiaca and in the Orchard of the Marés Museum, amongst lots of other places.

Programme L’Ou com balla


At 8pm we will meet at the MACBA entrance.

There, there will be a space where we can make badges and at the Laie MACBA Store, there will be a display and sale of Urban Sketching books with a 5% discount for participants of the BCN10 years. We will also have free entry to the museum. But everything CLOSES AT 8 PM.


Meeting point:

Catedral 4pm

Points of  interest:

  • Catedral: Floral carpet and “l’ou com balla” in the cloister.
  • Casa de l’Ardíaca: L’ou com balla
  • Verger del Museu Marés: L’ou com balla
  • Plaça Sant Felip Neri

Group foto:

MACBA 20:00h.


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